May 1, 2011
Douaihy in Algiers

Douaihy in Algiers

Diwan Dar Abdellatif welcomes Jabbour Douaihy in Algiers on May 7th.

Diwan Dar Abdellatif are cultural events organized by the AARC, or Algeria’s agency for cultural diffusion, and Actes Sud’s, French publishing house.
Literary events are regularly hosted in this venue, where authors from around the world are invited to meet their readers.

From February to June 2011, are invited:
Minh Tran Huy (Feb 26), Emmelene Landon (March 12), Tim Parks (March 26), Khaled Al Khamissi (April 9), Breyten Breytenbach (April 23), Jabbour Douaihy (May 7), Bahiyyih Nakhjavani (May 21), Waciny Laredj (June 4), José Carlos Somoza (June 18).