October 27, 2010
Beirut Arab Book Fair 2010

Beirut Arab Book Fair 2010

For those of you who have contacted me regarding the Beirut Book Fair 2010, thank you! And below, a few precisions.

The 54th edition of the Arab Beirut Book Fair (maarad beirut al arabi lil kitab) will be taking place from December 3rd to 16th 2010. The venue was not specified, but chances are the fair will be taking place at the BIEL expo center, where it has been taking place for the past few years. 200 exhibitors are expected.

For more information, the Arab cultural forum (al nadir al thaqafi al arabi), which organizes the event, should be contacted:
Telephone: +9611345948.

You can also try the following website: It is still under construction, but an e-mail address is suggested.

For more information on Arab book fairs, in Arabic, the most complete list I have seen is presented on the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education‘s website.