Country: Syria

Year of Birth: 1982


Dima Wannous is a Damascus born novelist (1982).

Soon after the Syrian revolution began, Dima was faced with death threats and arrest, which led her to leave the country for Beirut, where she lived for six years.

During this time, Dima worked extensively as a journalist as well as a TV anchor on Arab channels.  She worked for the prominent Al-Safir newspaper, and hosted a weekly television program on Orient, a Syrian opposition channel, where she interviewed Arab and international political and intellectual figures.

It is also while in Beirut that Dima wrote and published her second novel “The Frightened Ones,” which was shortlisted for the International Prize of Arabic Fiction, also known as the Arabic Booker Prize. The novel was translated into many languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Dutch.

Dima has been living in London since 2017, where she pursues her work in journalism and television. Her third novel, “And the family devoured its men,” was translated into Portuguese.



And the family devoured its men | Al aa’ila al lati ibtalaat rijaluha 2020
The frightened | Al khaifoun 2017
The chair | Al kursi 2009
Details | Tafasil 2007


And the family devoured its men (2020)

Editora Tabla (2022, Brazil)

The frightened (2017)

Signatuur, A.W. Bruna (2018, Netherlands)
Blessing, Random House (2018, Germany)
Baldini & Castoldi (2018, Italy)
Norstedts (2018, Sweden)
Mevsimler (2018, Turkey)
Prozart (2019, Macedonia)
Sonia Draga (2019, Poland)
Gallimard (2019, France)
Editorial Sitara (2019, Spain)
Harvill Secker, Penguin Random House (2020, UK)
Knopf (2020, USA)
Solum (to appear, Norway)

Details (2007)

Nautilius (2015, Germany)


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