Country: Iraq, France

Year of Birth: 1952


Inaam Kachachi was born in Baghdad in 1952, and studied journalism at Baghdad University, working in Iraqi press and radio before moving to Paris to complete a PhD at the Sorbonne. She is currently the Paris correspondent for London-based newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat and Kol Al-Usra magazine in Sharjah, UAE.



The outcast | Al nabitha (2017)
Dispersed | Tashari
The American Granddaughter | Al hafida al amerkaniya (2008)
Streams of Hearts | Tayyarat al qulub (2005)
Words from Iraki women | Paroles d’Irakiennes (nonfiction 2003)
Lorna, her years with Jawad Selim | Lorna: sanawatuha maa Jawad Selim (nonfiction 1998)

In the press

“The outcast”

Kachachi cleverly succeeds in intertwining broader Arab concerns with the specific struggles of her characters” — Ida2at


Intricately and intelligently woven… The novel [is] a vivid spectacle that lingers sweetly in memory.” — Elaph  

Inaam Kachachi depicts historical individuals and events, yet weaving them so intricately with the threads of imagination that we can no longer discern the real from the  imaginary.” — Raseef 22


The outcast (2017)

Gallimard (France forthcoming)

Dispersed (2013)

Interlink (English, USA, 2022)
Brioschi (Italy, 2018)
Morvarid (Iran, 2018)
Gallimard (France, 2016).

The American Granddaughter (2008) 

Interlink (English, USA, 2022
Cicorivolta (Italy, 2013)
Liana Levi (France, 2009)
Shanghai 99 (China)


Streams of Hearts (2005) 

IHirmand (Irak, 2014)
Baldini & Castoldi (Italy, 2007)