FADEL Youssef

FADEL Youssef

Country: Morocco

Year of Birth: 1949


Youssef Fadel, author, screenwriter and producer, was born in 1949 in Morocco. After having worked in shipping for five years, he publishes a play that leads him to prison in 1974. His alleged marxist activities, lead him to prison for another six months, in 1974-1975. Youssef obtains his French baccalaureate as a free candidate in 1976. He taught French for twenty years, and resigned in 1999.

Youssef has written for television, cinema, and theater. He also directed a short film and a feature film. He published 10 novels, some of which were translated.


Stars and Dust | Noujoum wa ghubar (2021)
The Life of Butterflies | Hayat al farashat (2020)
Like an angel in the dark| Methl malak fil zalam (2018)
Joy | Farah (2016)
A rare blue bird flies with me | Ta’er azraq nader yatir ma’i (2013)
A pretty white cat walks behind me | Qott abiad jamil yassir ma’i (2012)
Mitrou Mouhal | Mitrou Mouhal (2006)
Hashish| Hashish (2000)
The king of Jews | Malek al yahoud (1995)

In the press

“Fadel is a valued asset of modern Moroccan literature.” — Aujourd’hui Le Maroc

“Fadel’s books are full of hopeful, human interactions; through these, the reader is able to catch a glimpse of a better world.” — The New Yorker


The Life of Butterflies (2020)

Green Books, India (2022)
Tohum Yayıncılık, Turkey (2023)

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FADEL Youssef