EZ ELDINE Mansoura

EZ ELDINE Mansoura

Country: Egypt

Year of Birth: 1976


Mansoura is born in the Delta in Egypt in 1976. A graduate in journalism from the University of Cairo, she is today the deputy editor in chief of a cultural weekly (Akhbar al adab). Mansoura published 6 novels and 3 short story collections to date. Her work has been noticed world wide and has been translated into more than ten languages and in 2009 she was selected as one of the best 39 Arab writers under 40 by the Beirut 39 project.

Beyond Paradise was shortlisted for the Arabic Booker Prize (or IPAF) in 2010, making Ez Eldine the youngest writer to ever reach the shortlist.
The Orchards of Basra was long-listed for the same prize in 2022.
Emerald Mountain was winner of the Best Arabic Novel award at Sharjah International Book Fair in 2014.


The Atlas of Disappearance | Atlas al khafa’ (2022)
The Orchards of Basra | Basatin al Basra (2020)
Shelter of Absence | Ma’wa al ghiyab (2018)
The play of shadow | Akhyilat al zol (2017)
The Emerald Mountain | Jabal al zoumouroud (2014)
Towards Madness | Nahwa al jounoun (2013)
Beyond Paradise| Wara’a al ferdaws (2009)
Mariam’s Maze | Matahat Maryam (2004)
Flickering Light | Daw’ mouhtaz (2001)

In the press

“Beyond Paradise”

“Ez-Eldin (…) treats all characters with humanity and kindness, but with consistent honesty” — Qantara

“The orchards of Basra”

“This is Mansoura Ez-Eldin’s fifth novel. One of her generations most distinct and accomplished voices… A complex and deeply researched work of metafiction that draws heavily on the Arab-Islamic canon, this novel plays with notions of reality and reason” — Al ahram

“A polyphonic story where she brilliantly mixes the codes of ancient Arabic writing and those of the contemporary novel. A labyrinthine narration where one gets lost, as in the alleys of an Arab medina, with delight.” — Le Monde des Livres

Evoking a radiant past, but without any nostalgia, “The Orchards of Basra”, alternating between scenes, eras, and inner monologues, and skillfully handling language levels, masterfully revives illustrious characters from the history of Islam to engage in a close dialogue with the living,” — Orient XXI

Mansoura Ez-Eldin offers us a metaphorical text, between past and present” — Le Regard Libre

Mansoura Ez-Eldin’s novel has the intensity  and mystery of a marvelous gem.” — Transfuge

Her superbly mastered novel is a confirmation of her talent as a storyteller.” — Mare nostrum

 “Captivating and remarkably translated novel” — L’Orient littéraire

An exalted novel that sublimates the powers of dreams and fiction.” — Le Courrier de L’Atlas 

“To be discovered without delay” — Via books  



The Orchards of Basra (2020)
Actes Sud (2023, France)
Interlink (forthcoming, USA)

The Emerald Mountain (2014)
Actes Sud (2017, France)
Geopoetika (2019, Serbia)
Dar Sales (to appear, Iran)

Beyond Paradise (2009)
Union Verlag (2011, Germany)
Piemme (2011, Italy)

Mariam’s Maze (2004)
AUC Press (2007, World English / Egypt)

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EZ ELDINE Mansoura