Country: Egypt

Year of Birth: 1990


Taher El Moataz Bellah (born 1990) is an Egyptian author and entrepreneur, founder of Heartbeat Productions. Trained as an engineer, he used to work in drilling for the oil and gas industry, before shifting careers and getting into writing. He is the author of the massively successful YouTube infotainment series “El Da7ee7”, with millions of viewers and followers, presented by the comic Ahmed Al Ghandour. El Da7ee7 was then adapted to TV, by Shahid, the leading MENA, Arabic, VOD platform. He was also commissioned to write a series of short biographical audio-books, based on the same concept, and called El Da7ee7a, by Storytel, the audiobook streaming platform, for their Arabic stores. El Da7ee7a is the most listened to Arabic series on Storytel. El Moataz’ latest book “Caesar: The Secret History of Vladimir Putin”, was released as an original on Storytel and was also a great success.
Taher published his first print book (The Student Movement at the American University in Cairo) in 2019, followed by “El Da7ee7: Behind the Scenes”, 2021.
His audiobook series are now available in print format, starting with “Princess Diana”, “Einstein”, “Blood Brothers: Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X”.
He is currently working on writing his first comedic screenplay: “World War 2”.

What characterizes El Moataz is his humorous and sharp take on current and historical affairs, coupled with a true researcher’s mind. El Moataz’ unique talent at writing captivating narrative nonfiction, fills an important gap in the Arabic publishing landscape.

Taher El Motaz Bellah graduated from the American University in Cairo in 2014 with a bachelor of science in petroleum engineering and a minor in political science. He earned his MBA from Harvard Business School in 2023.

Coming soon

Taher is a promising voice in the Arabic content landscape. While our local scene can boast many important established or emerging literary voices, as well as important intellectual and academic figures, we cruelly lack narrative non fiction. With his passion for social affairs, in the wide sense, Taher El Moataz has started to fill this huge gap, with great success.

We are excited to be collaborating on one of Taher’s next projects, the dramatic tale of the rise and fall – and rise – of an Arab startup. A Unicorn, which, for a fleeting moment, had it all. It’s a tale made of wild dreams, friendship, betrayal, power struggles, and secret wars. What is the cost of success and is it worth it? Such is the question at the heart of this book. The lesson it draws? Dreams do come true: Be careful what you wish for.

The book is still in the making. Stay tuned!