Country: Saudi Arabia

Year of Birth: 1972


Yahya Amqassim was born in 1972, in the Al-Husseini valley, in the southern province of Saudi Arabia, Jazan. Law graduate of the King Said University in Riyad (2007), he worked in the Cultural office of the Saudi Embassy in Paris, He currently works with the ministry of education in Riyadh.

Yahya was among the 39 exceptional Arab authors identified by the Hay festival, in their “Beirut 39” literary festival, in 2010.


The raven’s claw | Saq al ghurab (2008)


In the press

Captivating and inspiring” — Al Jazira 2008

“The only Saudi novel to tackle these hidden mountainous parts, and a period that historians have overlooked, yet, without sacrificing its literary quality.” — Mohammad Hasan Alwan, Al Watan, 2008 Alwan is the winner of the Arab Man Booker 2017

“A unique voice, unlike any other.” — Al Hayat, 2008

“With incredible imagination, open to the strange and the supernatural, Amqassim crafts his novel keeping the balance between document and art, avoiding (the trap) of a historical record… A successful “literary narrative”, written with great skill.” — Al Quds, 2008


The raven’s claw (2008)

Actes Sud, Sindbad (2019, France)

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