Country: Egypt, United States

Year of Birth: 1968


Miral Al-Tahawi is an award-winning Egyptian writer whose novels and short stories have been internationally recognized alongside her prodigious record of academic research and service. Born in 1968, she earned a doctorate in Modern Arabic Literature from  Cairo University and moved to the USA in 2007.  Al-Tahawi is currently an Associate Professor of Arabic Language and Literature at the School of International Letters and Culture, Arizona State University. Her literary work has been translated into more than 10 languages.

Miral Al-Tahawi was named  “One of The Most Powerful Arab Women Authors” by Forbes Middle East, 2012 and  “One of the 10 Most Influential Writers of the Oriental World” by Zenith (Germany), 2009.

The Days of the rising sun, was shortlisted to the IPAF, 2023. Brooklyn Heights, is the winner of Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature, 2011 and a finalist to the IPAF, 2011.
Gazelle Trucks, is the winner of the Best Novel of the Year (from the Cairo Book Fair), 2003
The Blue Aubergine, is the winner of the Egyptian National Literature Prize, 2000.
The Tent, was nominated as “One of The Best 100 Arabic Books (according to the Arab Writers Union), in 1998.


The days of the rising sun | Ayyam al shams al mushriqa (2022)
Brooklyn Heights | Brooklyn
Heights (2010)
Gazelle Tracks | Naqarat al dhaba’ (2002)
The Blue Aubergine | Al bathinjana al zarqa’ (1998)
The Tent | Al khaba’ (1996)



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