July 2, 2015
Samar Yazbek’s “The crossing”

Samar Yazbek’s “The crossing”

In The crossing, Yazbek describes the transformation of the Syrian conflict from a popular uprising to a monstrous war dominated by religious extremism. Syrians have been robbed of their revolution as the world watches in silence. 

In this book, Yazbek lends her voice to those who are not heard, the ordinary people, families, shop-keepers, soldiers, farmers, rebels.

Observer:       ‘Powerful and moving…bears comparison with George Orwell’s Homage To Catalonia as a work of literature, Yazbek is a superb narrator…it may be that [she] has written one of the first political classics of the 21st century’


Sunday Times        ‘Sheds valuable light on day-to-day life inside Syria, something of which we know little…a sobering glimpse of the wreckage that will be discovered when the war is over’